The freelance economy is booming in the UK, with more professionals embracing independent work. In fact, statistics show there are nearly 2 million freelancers today. The ability to choose one’s own projects and set a flexible schedule is an appealing draw.

However, the freelance landscape is also highly competitive. To land the best freelance gigs and thrive in 2024 and beyond, having the right skillset is crucial. By focusing on the following in-demand skills, freelancers can future-proof their careers.

Prompt Engineering

With AI tools like ChatGPT becoming more advanced, prompt engineering is emerging as an invaluable skill for freelance writers. Prompt engineering involves learning how to optimise prompts to get the most useful AI-generated content for a host of different applications.

Freelancers skilled in prompt engineering can save vast amounts of time digging up background information, data points and sources compared to traditional research methods. They can use prompts to get AI assistants like ChatGPT to provide summarised findings, generate focused research briefs, and pull relevant quotes and statistics on a given topic. Developing mastery in phrasing prompts, using parameters effectively, and guiding AIs will be crucial going forward.


SEO remains an essential digital marketing skill that will be in high demand for freelancers in 2024. With search engine visibility being so vital for driving traffic and conversions, businesses will continue seeking out freelancers skilled in optimising websites and content. Sharpening your SEO abilities as a freelancer can give you a major advantage.

Some of the most important SEO skills to develop include expertise in keyword research, metadata optimisation, site architecture, local SEO and technical enhancements. Learning how to identify and target high-value keywords, write compelling page titles and descriptions and optimise for geographic searches are all key.


Content creation will continue to be highly sought-after by businesses in 2024. With quality content an essential for websites, social media, ads, emails and more, skilled freelance copywriters are invaluable for any business or industry.

Freelancers who can produce high-quality, polished copy tailored to different audiences across a variety of mediums will be in peak demand. The ability to craft excellent website copy, blog posts, social captions and more will make you a highly sought-after content creation pro in 2024. For those with sharp copywriting abilities, opportunities to work on engaging content projects will abound.

Video Production

Video content has become pervasive across social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. For brands, frequently producing fun and engaging video content optimised for these platforms is now essential for reaching key demographics online. This makes video production skills that lend themselves well to social media an incredibly valuable offering for freelancers in 2024.

By honing abilities like crafting compelling narratives through strategic editing and developing eye-catching concepts, freelancers can provide immense value to brands through social video production. As more companies embrace regular social video content, freelancers with their finger on the pulse of emerging trends and skilled in producing engaging videos quickly will thrive.

Project Management

As freelance projects become more complex and long-running, strong project management skills will be essential for thriving in 2024. The best project managers have a mix of ultra-sharp organisation, communication, analytical thinking and inexhaustible patience – useful strengths in any line of work. They juggle multifaceted projects smoothly by expertly managing timelines, expectations, workflows and teams.

To build sought-after project management capabilities, freelancers should focus on nailing down realistic schedules, meeting deadlines consistently, communicating clearly with clients and team members, defining and tracking requirements, solving problems creatively and motivating people. Becoming a pro at using project management tools to schedule tasks, give updates and monitor progress is also key.

While mastering any of these skills requires dedication and practice, doing so prepares you to deliver the highest quality and most in demand freelance services. You can complete more exciting and lucrative projects while staying ahead of the freelance competition. The most successful freelancers never stop learning, so use what’s left of 2023 to level up your expertise in one or more of these future-focused skill areas.

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